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ST24 - Nephnia
ST24 - Nephnia

Yes, Sprite Talk is still active--ish..

Just still in the look out for people to interview, I rarely go around lookin' for spriters to inverview because many of them are busy spriting or with their lives.

So- if you would want to apply just comment or add me on one of my Instant Messengers and we'll talk about it.

ICQ #: 391381112
AIM: Yoshy Ryu DCC
MSN: Yoshy-Ryu@hotmail.com
Yahoo: Yoshy_Ryu
Skype: YoshyRyuDCC


Rules will be re-posted when updated.

1- You must have a sprite sheet of yourself/character.
2- You must have a way to contact me (I like it when they IM me)
3- You may ask if you want a Spriter related question, or random question.
4- You may not have more then one interview.
5- NO RECOLORS, must have some editing.


New page up here on Sprite Talk...
Happy Thanks-Giving everyone, I hope you guys have a family to spend it with, instead of being on the computer all the time wasting away making sprite comics/sprites...

Most likely not going to be updating this much

Why? Because no one wants to be interviewed. No ones asking. So for a while they're wount be any comics for a while. I'll br trying to make some sprite comics for my other series, Daily Poop. NO, its not about poop, but since I can't make sprite comics they kind of suck, hence the name. But when I get better it'll just be its Side name "[Insert Something Here]". Now behold my Sprite Sheet..


If you want to be on Sprite Talk..

..You must have some sort of Messanger. AIM, MSN, or Y!M. Why? Because that way we can sort everything fast and quick.

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